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What are eyelash extensions

Q What is the difference between a one hour or two hour Russian Volume set

A a one hour set is our starter teaser set Of russian Volumes £40 consists of about 300 lashes per eye Depending on your own lashes ,And you choose if you prefer a finer fluffier bunch or a Thicker bunch of the finest lashes in the world

Choose which bunch you prefer

1D 2d 3d 4d 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D

Depending on the weight of your natural lash

A Two Hour set is our Fully Loaded Glam Set £80 and consists of up to 300 of the finest lashes in the world (depending on your own lashes )And you choose if you want a thicker or finer fluffier set

A. Eyelash extensions are a synthetic material shaped and finely tuned into a

beautiful curl. Each individual eyelash extension is attached onto only one of your eyelash hairs, so one single lash is glued onto one of your single lashes, not the skin

     Q  How long will my lashes last for

A. This depends solely on your after care .When properly applied, they will look good for 2~3 weeks then you will need to get them looked at , because they grow so fast and can twist slightly..   a typical lash  cycle is between 60-90 days, and when it falls out a baby hair will be waiting in its place. due to this cycle eyelash fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to fill in the the areas where the new lashes are growing in Your lashes will last up to 12 weeks “HOWEVER” they will look gorgeous for 2-3 weeks

and because  they grow very quickly its up to you whether you want to keep them looking fabulous by returning to your technician every 2- 3 weeks

Q What is the difference between all the different lash extensions on the market.

A Ooh`La`lashes the finish look is very natural looking , and the glue is not clumpy and visible.

Traditional  individual  flared false lashes are made up of clusters with a heavy looking glue bulb at the base to keep 6-7 hairs knotted together, these lashes are attached onto a bunch of your natural hairs making them very false looking, uncomfortable to wear and only last 3-7 days, and can cause premature hair loss of your own lashes due to glueing to many of your natural hairs together. Or the-traditional strip lashes that are attached onto your eyelid skin, and last for one day  OOH NO NO NO

Q how will they feel

A They will feel weightless , they will look so full more defined and thicker you will feel sexier awake younger, you will not need mascara ever again

Q can i wear mascara

A NO as the lashes loose their fluffiness and many oils in the ingredients will eat  away at the glue and loosen the lashes, as with  any oily liquid eyeliners and any oils too close to your lash line.

just be careful when applying your moisturizers, eye creams and sun tan creams

Q can i swim in them

A Yes ooh~la~lashes are perfect for holidays swimming sunbathing, they are just the perfect look, just grab the swim suit and off to the beach you go, beautifully made up and ready as soon as you wake up ooh~la~la

the most glamorous chic  by the poolside

If i keep touching and picking at them will they damage my own lashes

A YES THEY WILL DAMAGE YOUR OWN LASHES, because if you pull your lashes out before it is ready to come out you will have a gap in your lashes .

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