Ooh~la~lashes ESSEX

The Original Established 2007




1 Each of the girls  at Ooh~la~lashes have been fully trained to above standard for our industry by the top companies in the uk including Nouveau, Lash perfect, Nova lash, A.H Francis,Amazing lashes, Ms Diva

2   Laura at Ooh~la~lashes has been a mentor to all the girls on the team  and puts all the girls through a rigorous finishing school for up to 3 months before they start to work, they then become more than a master of the lash world.

3   We do up to 100 lashings per week, thats all we do lashes lashes lashes., so you know you are in safe hands and  can be positive that we know what we are doing.

4     We get lots of ladies  that travel in from all over the south of England, London Essex  and Kent asking us to repair the damage that other salons and mobile beauty s have done to them, resulting in lash loss and bad consultations.

5  (( Cheaper prices often Means cheaper work, you pay for what you get. we tell our customers to look around for cheaper, if thats what they want, but some come back to ((ooh~la~lashes with their stories of  (( HORROR  And others just do not know any different

6   We use 3 different types of glues. latex free, a latex glue, and a sensitive

7   We carry the largest range of lashes in the world, from thinnest to thickest  to shortest to longest spider legs to all colours of the rainbow and any colour sparkle minks and silks ((eye-jazzles

8   We take on board anything you are not happy with and change.(example) if you want to sleep we wont chat, if you prefer pads or tape, we cater for all your needs.

9   We are friendly, approachable and just want to make you look Gorgeous and fabulous.

10  We know its an expensive hobby, and is highly ((ADDICTIVE little tip for those with partners that do not want to part with the money (just ask for  £40 cash-back when you go to the supermarket, that way hubby will never know hahahahaha OOPS back on track) Naughty Mrs Oohlala

11   We have parking facilities on our drive. as long as everyone parks close to a car or wall

12   Billericay train station is 4 minutes walk

13   We always text you to remind us of your next date of your next appointment ON LINE SHORTLY

14   We will start to enjoy a social nights out soon (watch this space )

                                 (( OUT ON THE LASH

15  We have a face book page for anyone wanting any cancelled appointments that will be available for a cheaper rate, just £20 WOW ...OOHLALASHES DISCOUNTED CANCELLATIONS GROUP FOR LASH EXTENSIONS  so come and find Oohlalashes discounted cancellations on Face book or Laura Grant, we have two of them so join an like both, for our latest offers also Instagram oohlalashes_essex its not a squeeky clean page , its mainly about mrs oohlalas antics which can be very boring and self indulgent for most

16   We do not just put the lashes on you, we look at your eye shape to determine the best lash style for your eyes, and the best weight of lash which best suits your lash. We also listen to your desired end look

17   When we hand you the mirror at the end of you treatment we want you to say yes we love them, but  maybe next time i want them longer, or curlier ,we do not want to give you daddy long legs, unless you require them.

18   We use lots of various sizes, unlike a lot of other salons that use one size fits all.



we love what we do and we do what we love


     1.     We are not a high street salon, We are residential, And the customers often take up 2-3 spaces on the drive

2  I can not think of anything other reason, than you would prefer to go somewhere cheaper, or your mums sisters aunties cousin husbands best mates dog walker suzanne is doing lashes, and she comes to your house.  xx

3 ooh aah mmm


Thats About It Folks